Our Team

We are a hands-on team of business professionals with a simple remit; to help our clients find transformational opportunities for their businesses and to take advantage of them quickly.

You can think of our team like a group of special forces who come in to tackle projects, then step back and take more of a mentoring approach as your permanent team members are ready to step up.

Adrian Nisbet

Adrian Nisbet

With over 20 years experience running successful businesses, both as a Founder and CEO, Adrian is a highly sought after leader within the Australian business community.

Having founded, managed and successfully sold a multi-million dollar business as well as working as CEO and fulfilling numerous Board positions, Adrian has a unique ability to connect with business owners and convert their passion and potential into success.

His love for regional Australia grew as a result of his connection to aviation. As a commercially qualified pilot, Adrian has the ability to travel to remote parts of the country to work face-to-face with his business partners.

During his extensive career, Adrian has focused his attention on successfully working with businesses that are under pressure financially or navigating high growth opportunities; only parting ways when the businesses have been transformed into profitable enterprises with strong leadership and a positive culture.

With a deep knowledge and aptitude spanning strategy, finance and operational objectives, Adrian loves being hands on with implementation which is a strong differentiator in that he prides himself in facilitating change and delivering results rather than just talking about them.

His passion in assisting business leaders to establish and work towards their end game is what inspired Adrian to create The End Game.

Tatiana Day

Jill Toye

As an accomplished Executive Assistant, Jill has over 20 years of expertise in executive support, working within various sectors including accounting, legal and not-for-profits. Jill’s commitment to efficiency, attention to detail, and proactive problem-solving has consistently contributed to streamlined operations and successful outcomes.

 Ensuring an Executive’s time is optimised, anticipating needs and maintaining confidentiality is Jill’s forte.  Her ability to build and nurture relationships with clients fosters trust and enhances business partnerships.

 Jill is dedicated to helping The End Game clients achieve their goals and drive the success of their business. 

Tatiana Day

Georgia Aldred

With a passion for building relationships and exceeding goals,  Georgia brings 10 years of experience in sales and customer service to the table. Georgia has a proven track record of success in commercial real estate and automotive sales, consistently exceeding targets while fostering exceptional customer relations.

Georgia’s strengths lie in understanding customer needs, developing targeted solutions, and exceeding expectations through clear communication and a commitment to building long-term partnerships.

Georgia is a dedicated Sales Executive at The End Game. Whilst working with our clients, Georgia gets straight into the fundamentals of selling by helping her clients discover their unique selling points and uses this to maximise their growth and value. 


Tatiana Day

Tatiana Day

Tatiana has worked in the field of Communications for over 20 years.

Starting her career as a Queensland-based print and TV journalist, working for News Corp and the Nine Network, she later moved into Marketing Communications and PR.

Over the years, she has worked for boutique agencies and the global giants of the industry throughout Australia, Europe and the UK.

Tatiana has extensive experience creating and overseeing various campaigns for large corporate and consumer brands as well as small-to-medium businesses throughout a number of sectors including transport & logistics, energy & industry, FMCG, tourism, retail, finance & insurance and not-for-profits.

Her skill set gives clients a ‘one stop shop’ approach to content creation, marketing and promotion, media & presentation training and crisis management.

Tatiana has a unique mix of business acumen and creative flair. Her passion lies in creating content with character, publicising and promoting brands and parachuting in when a business is under fire.


David Goudie

David is a highly experienced international brand strategist who has worked within various sectors to develop and build a strong market presence for a vast number of businesses.

With 20+ years of experience working in large and small companies and agencies worldwide, David is uniquely positioned to plan, develop and build strong brand platforms for clients.

An expert in brands and branding, naming, design, advertising and strategic marketing; David has developed many successful campaigns for clients throughout Australia, Europe and the UK including Allied Domecq, SC Johnson & Sons, British American Tobacco and Mars Foods.

Whilst very well versed in large scale projects, David has also worked closely with small businesses understanding and appreciating everything a small business owner has to do to create, develop and grow.